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SEO Novus is one of the top ranked India SEO companies, servicing clients from around the world. We provide affordable search engine optimization services to clients worldwide, from keyword research and link building to pay per click and website design and development. While our services are ranked amongst the best in top SEO companies, we are an affordable SEO company for companies large and small.

Initial Consultation with Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Our highly skilled SEO consultants will research all the specific detail required to provide effective On Page and Off Page optimization techniques for your website. Unlike other SEO companies in India, we always start with a thorough analysis of your needs and an in-depth understanding of your business goals. This enables us to establish a very comprehensive search engines optimization package tailored for your specific needs.

Build Your Business with SEO Analysis and Techniques

Once we fully understand how best to deliver your unique online campaign, we start the extensive research required to select the most relevant keywords that are searched for your particular industry. A search engine optimizer will then take on the highly detailed On Page work and Off Page links building activities that will help your business achieve optimal rankings on search engines.

Our Services

  • Pay-Per-Click
    Pay per click advertising offers a quick and effective way to increase traffic and sales to your website.
  • On Page Optimisation
    Search engine friendly HTML code built into your website assesses the ranking of your company’s site for every search result.
  • Off Page Optimisation
    Off page promotion increases the relevance, popularity, and value of your website and improves your ranking on search engine pages.
  • Website Design and Development
    Once customers find your website, the content must engage them to take action. We used the latest internet technology and code to keep customers returning to your site once they have found it.
  • Support
    We are an SEO optimization company that offers 24/7 support for all of your Internet marketing needs.


"It has been a great relief to find such a professional and competent company in SEO Novus. The team have truly been very communicative and thorough with their work and the results that they have achieved for our website are great!! I have already recommended SEO Novus to others and can really see why they are so highly ranked and regarded in the Industry. Thanks again!"
"I think that SEO Novus are a very professional company who have given us effective communication & great results. Thanks to the team for all your hard work and look forward to carrying on with our work together."

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