Keyword Research


Keyword Research for Increased Traffic

Keyword research is the foundation of any good organic search engine optimization campaign.  Top SEO companies know that your success depends on how extensively keyword research is conducted. Generic industry words are not the answer, as they illicit thousands of competitor sites. The right keywords will translate into increased traffic and revenue from higher search engine rankings.

With decades of experience, every search engine optimizer at SEO Novus has the knowledge it takes to investigate keywords or key phrases that will evaluate your ranking, regardless of your industry or business size. Our search engine optimization specialist will go well beyond generic industry words to tailor keywords that will attract the largest number of searches.

It is not as easy as it might seem to predict how a customer will search for the types of products or services you offer. Successful keyword research involves an understanding of the language people use on given topics as well as the way they will most likely enter keywords to search for products or services.

Professional search engine optimization recognizes that most people don’t typically use industry jargon; that’s why they need our expertise. Our search engine optimization in India goes beyond the expected to deliver keywords that will truly bring results.  This involves an in-depth review of your business goals, products and services, and customer profiles.

As a best practice SEO optimization company, we tailor very specific keywords and key phrases rather than a one shoe fits all mentality. If you’ve read this far, then you’ll understand that our keyword strategies work, because we practice what we preach. Keywords specific to our company – not just our industry – lead you this far into our site.

The best SEO companies understand that it takes a keen eye to see the forest from the trees in order to prune out keywords that will attract increased traffic to your particular website, rather than to all websites about your industry.

Our search engine optimizer will use the latest available tools to make the process of finding the most profitable keywords quicker and efficient. They will be able to home in on keyword or phrase popularity, the number of people using those that are most likely to take action, such as making a purchase, and competition for similar keywords or phrases.

Using this data, Search engine optimization firms can evaluate the value of a keyword and its ability to generate traffic to your website.  Keyword research is the foundation for organic search engine optimization, but these words must be utilized On Page and Off Page to reach their maximum potential.

SEO Novus provides keyword research services that include key word analysis, identification, and selection, as well as effective On Page and Off Page keyword use to optimize search engine results.