Link Building


India SEO Companies: Link Building for Success

Link building simply refers to the number of back links that point to your site. There are many tasks that go into link building to help your website gain popularity.  Search engines analyze through back links as well as other metrics.

Top SEO companies like SEO Novus design link building package with a multi-tiered approach suited to unique business needs. Successful link building activities include:

  • Increased search engine page rank
  • Back links (number of sites who link back to your site)
  • Press releases and articles on external networks
  • Local listings on Google
  • Listings in directories
  • Viral marketing strategies (e.g. on social media such as Facebook and Twitter)

With all these search engines optimization strategies, it is important that back links originate from content that is relevant to your business or service or they will have minimal impact.

The Link Building Process

Many people begin link building with people they already know or do business with, such as vendors, suppliers, trade associations, the local chamber of commerce, and customer sites. But you can actually hurt your search engine ranking if these other sites have low page rankings.  This also applies to reciprocal links, where you agree to exchange links with a business in the same market that isn’t direct competition.

That’s why our search engine optimizer will suggest more effective strategies that will make a distinctive impact on search engine ranking.

Link Building Strategies

Getting your website listed in major web directories, such as Yahoo or GoGuides, is one way to acquire more global recognition.

Article writing and press releases on external links is another organic search engine optimization strategy we use at SEO Novus. These are great promotional tools. Having your website link and keywords in the body of articles and press releases will help drive traffic to your site.

Viral marketing strategies also allow you to include your link on blogs and in social media. Our search engine optimization specialist will ensure that viral marketing strategies only create links on sites relevant to your business. Posting comments on other people’s blogs is also a way to create back links.

At the same time, link building is not about inundating the internet with your website link. Rather, it is about building relationships with forums and external sites that are relevant and will naturally draw people to your site.

Call Today to Increase your CTR

Wherever your link appears, the number of people actually clicking on your link, known as click-through-rate (CTR), lets search engines know that your page is relevant. Our goal is to build a high CTR for your website.  Link building can seem like a daunting process, but our search optimization specialist will provide a clear and well planned strategy to ensure professional search engine optimization that results in increased traffic and revenue.