On Page Organic Search Engine Optimization

As an organic search engine company, we understand the value of keywords for natural searches to increase your website popularity. On Page Optimization refers to how we code certain content on your website so that search engines can find keywords or phrases. It is a strategy that works best when combined with Off Page Optimization.

However, repeating the same keyword again and again does not result in a higher search engine ranking. If other SEO companies suggest this, think twice. Repeating keywords this way can result in a search engine penalty, which actually lowers your website’s ranking.

Avoid Black Hat SEO Companies

Unfortunately, there are a number of unethical techniques that can result in your site getting demoted or banned. Invisible or hidden text is one unethical practice that is often penalized. Some unsavory SEO companies may use other tactics such as duplicate content, cloaking or sneaky redirects.  An SEO company may encourage these black hat On Page practices for quick results, but in the end they will damage your search engine and reputation.

SEO Novus only follows ethical practices and is known as a white hat company. White hat SEO techniques are those that search engines will recommend. Search engines do not approve of black hat tactics. As a white hat SEO optimization company, we work for results that are long lasting and impactful versus negative, short-lived black hat results.

Every search optimization specialist at SEO Novus works hard to ensure your website content is relevant to potential customers so that your site popularity increases. User friendly navigation, readability, and the selective use of keywords are all considered. Customer needs and preferences help drive organic search optimization so that make proactive decisions such as purchases. As an SEO company in India, we realize that competition is fierce in every industry. We strive to keep potential customers engaged rather than have them click a back button or search for your competitors.

On Page Search Engines Optimization Techniques

Every page of your website includes a title tag, which has importance in search engines. We give thought to these titles so that they are short and readable yet contain keywords that will drive up search rankings. Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted after the title tag. They include Meta keywords and description tags that are not see by the user on your webpage.  Instead, they provide Meta document date to search engines. As a result, your website attains a higher ranking.

On Page search engine optimization techniques work most effectively if combined with Off Page Optimization.  Our search engine optimizer will help guide you through the process with highly individualized attention.

Our SEO company’s On Page Optimization services include the creation of HTML code, Meta tags, and keyword placement and density in your website.  We can also assist with website design and development.