Off Page Optimization


Off Page Optimization for Global and Local Search Engine Optimization

Off page or off site SEO refers to techniques that are not performed on your website. Off Page Optimization consists of link building strategies that help drive customers to your website and increase your sites popularity on search engines.

As a reputable firm India SEO company, we consider Off Page Optimization equally important to On Page Optimization. Search engines display two types of results that include paid advertisements and non-paid listings. SEO companies take advantage of both to increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Paid advertisements typically involve payments as a result of clicks on an ad, or pay-per-click (PPC). Natural listings, those that aren’t paid, depend on SEO techniques to boost listings. Many India SEO companies can take advantage of you through paid advertisements, so caution and research is recommended.

Non-Advertising Organic Search Engine Optimization

Non-advertising Off Page search engine marketing optimization techniques we use at SEO Novus result in the following:

  • Increased search engine page rank
  • Back links (number of sites who link back to your site)
  • Press releases and articles on external networks
  • Local listings on Google
  • Listings in directories
  • Viral marketing strategies (e.g. on social media such as Facebook and Twitter)

The Off Page Optimization Process

Search engines have their own algorithms. These determine whether sites meet search engine requirements and a natural ranking through On Page keywords and key phrases in a search query. These factors are combined with Off Page signals to give search engines a reliable dataset to feed into their ranking algorithms.

Off Page effectiveness is mostly related to link popularity. Every back link from another website to yours is considered in your site’s popularity. The more back links from other sites, the higher your importance on search engines. As a search engine optimization India company, we know how search engines evaluate these links, and it is not just about numbers.

While the number of sites linking to your site helps boost ranking, some are more beneficial than others. Back links should come from sites with relevant content. The Google page rank of those back links is a major factor. The higher their rank, the more it boosts yours.

The keywords of the back linking site are also important; they should indicate the area of relevance to your site but not be identical or they will not be seen as natural. Therefore, similar but varied keywords are important. Also, if a back link also links to thousands of other sites, it carries less weight than if it only links to a selective number of sites.

Off Page Professional Search Engine Optimization

Our India SEO company offers the following Off Page Optimization strategies:

  • Link building
  • Business profile listings
  • Directory submissions
  • Social networking and bookmarking
  • Local marketing
  • Article and Press Release Management